Jana Dvorak – Coaching – Harmonizuj svůj čas – kouč vyváženého životního stylu

Gain more time for the things that make you happy

I’m an experienced life coach with an IT background. If you work in IT industry, I’ll show you how to take the control of your life and be the master of your time once again.

Are you stuck in a rut? You will learn how to live your life according to your ideals in 7 days

Prepare yourself for success

Ondrej C.


Jana’s support has given me the courage and focus I needed during a difficult period of my life when moving from abroad after 8 years and starting a business back in my home country. I’ve found that some of her coaching methods are also applicable for the development of my start-up strategy. YES! Jana is an amazing and natural coach. I highly recommend her.

Petra H.


I have known I had met an interesting and nice person since the very first call with Jana. She asked me questions in such a clever way I found the core of my problems very quickly. She helped me define my goals and taught me several techniques to make sure I don’t slip back into an unproductive way of life in the future.