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17. 4. 2020

Emotional time management and your circumstances

Emotional time management and your circumstancesCan we choose how we want to feel and live according to those wishes? What triggers your emotions, and is the […]
29. 2. 2020

What is success?

What’s success?When people talk of success, they mainly mean material success, an impressive job title or lots of followers on social media. Many people think that […]
29. 8. 2019

Employee well-being – the hidden aspect for higher profit

Employee well-being - the hidden aspect for higher profitTaking care of your people is taking care of your business. When people are healthy, respected, and cared […]
6. 6. 2019

Dealing with micromanagement

Dealing with micromanagementAre you being micro-managed, or are you a micro-manager?  No one likes to be micro-managed and no one wants to admit to being a […]
26. 3. 2019

4 tools to help you to define your goals

16. 2. 2019

5 reasons why it’s important to define your dreams and goals

21. 1. 2019

My 3 biggest mistakes when starting out in IT

1. 12. 2018

Which zone do you live in? Does fear win out?

11. 11. 2018

How to deal with changes gently and bin your frustrations

10. 5. 2018

What is coaching?

  • Laura Ash

    "Having mentored Jana with her coaching I can say hand on heart that she is one of the most empathetic coaches I have worked with. Jana is firm but fair and compassionate. She has a natural flair for coaching and guiding her clients to what they need in their life. She always has their best interest at heart."

    Laura Ash
    CEO Rock Solid
  • Ondřej Ch.

    "Jana’s support has given me the courage and focus I needed during a difficult period of my life when moving from abroad after 8 years and starting a business back in my home country. I’ve found that some of her coaching methods are also applicable for the development of my start-up strategy. YES! Jana is an amazing and natural coach. I highly recommend her."

    Ondřej Ch.
  • Petra H.

    I have known I had met an interesting and nice person since the very first call with Jana. She asked me questions in such a clever way I found the core of my problems very quickly. She helped me define my goals and taught me several techniques to make sure I don’t slip back into an unproductive way of life in the future."

    Petra H.
  • Katka P.

    Jana helped me sort out my thoughts and start thinking about what is important in my life. Thanks to her, I changed a few small things which I do on a daily basis and had a surprisingly big impact on my life. Some of the exercises we practised together, helped me lower my stress levels before having a presentation at work.

    Katka P.