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Že starého psa novým kouskům nenaučím? Ukážu vám, jak během 1 týdne změnit přístup, který vás brzdí.

Sepsala jsem zaručené postupy, které vás nasměrují blíž k vašim cílům. Užívejte si každý den. Změňte práci a dělejte to, co vás bude naplňovat. Kupte si svůj vysněný dům. Nečekejte.

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  • Laura Ash

    "Having mentored Jana with her coaching I can say hand on heart that she is one of the most empathetic coaches I have worked with. Jana is firm but fair and compassionate. She has a natural flair for coaching and guiding her clients to what they need in their life. She always has their best interest at heart."

    Laura Ash
    CEO Rock Solid
  • Ondřej Ch.

    "Jana’s support has given me the courage and focus I needed during a difficult period of my life when moving from abroad after 8 years and starting a business back in my home country. I’ve found that some of her coaching methods are also applicable for the development of my start-up strategy. YES! Jana is an amazing and natural coach. I highly recommend her."

    Ondřej Ch.
  • Petra H.

    I have known I had met an interesting and nice person since the very first call with Jana. She asked me questions in such a clever way I found the core of my problems very quickly. She helped me define my goals and taught me several techniques to make sure I don’t slip back into an unproductive way of life in the future."

    Petra H.
  • Katka P.

    Jana helped me sort out my thoughts and start thinking about what is important in my life. Thanks to her, I changed a few small things which I do on a daily basis and had a surprisingly big impact on my life. Some of the exercises we practised together, helped me lower my stress levels before having a presentation at work.

    Katka P.